Rules & FAQS

sportsmanGeneral Rules 

  • All racers must wear over the ankle boots, long sleeve shirt or jersey, helmet, gloves and long pants 
  • Any and all un sportsman like conduct will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave 
  • Rider and bike must cross the finish line together 
  • Only 3 false start are allowed per racer 
  • You must not cross another racers line until after the first 60' 
  • Once race is over you must exit the entrance/exit ramp of pit and return to staging area 
  • You will be allowed 5 min between heats/main event races 
  • If requested you will be allowed an extra 5 min 
  • All racers must be 15 years of age or older 
  • All races will be judged accordingly and promptly by the race officials 


Flag Rules   

  • white flag indicates leader has started his or her last lap   
  • yellow flag indicates a caution and vehicles are to slow down while maintaining their same position   
  • checkered flag indicates end of race   
  • black flag indicates un sportsman like conduct and can be used at any time during the race and any rider that receives the black flag can be dis qualified.   
  • red flag indicates stop race immediately due to the judgement of race officials opinion that the track is unsafe or there is an emergency   


Point Funding and Point Rules  

  • Points will follow only the driver not the bike racing  
  • Driver cannot have more than 1 bike racing per class  
  • Driver may not switch bikes during the race day but may switch bikes throughout the season  
  • Points start at first season ECMR race and will end at final ECMR season race  
  • In case of a tie for first place in year-end points, the tie will be broken by using the greatest number of first place finishes. If a tie still exists, seconds, thirds, etc. will be considered until the tie is broken. If a tie still exists, the driver establishing the first victory of the season will prevail. Any ties for second and lower will follow the same ruling as tie for first place finishes.  
  • To qualify to race for points you must first register and pay a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee (per class you wish to register for points in) that fee will be used as part of the 100% points pay back at final season race  
  • You may register to be a part of points at any season race, but any of your prior wins will not count for points. (you have to be registered for points prior to wins for them to count)  
  • You will receive 100 points per class you register for, 40 points for heat race first place, 30 for second and 20 for third. And for main events 100 for first, 75 for second place and 50 for third place.  


Chassis Classes    


·Single Cylinder     

  1. no studded tires     
  2. engine must be factory for then name brand of machine     
  3. 0 frame modification    

· Trail V Twin     

  1. no studded tires     
  2. 0 internal engine mods     
  3. no power adders     
  4. only bolt ons. no bbk     
  5. engine must be factory, then name brand of machine     

· Pro A V-twin     

  1. short chassis or long chassis bikes     
  2. 0 frame modifications (except for large transmissions or mav rear diff up to 2” trailing arm stretch allowed)     
  3. 0 lift kits     
  4. 0 arched arms     
  5. engine must be factory for then name brand of machine     
  6. no studded tires     
  7. no power adders     

· Super Modified     

  1. long or short chassis bikes    
  2. atv must not exceed 6'6" inches in width and 8'6" in length     
  3. no studded tires     
  4. engine must be factory for then name brand of machine      
  5. power adders allowed     

·Youth Class   

  1. 0-125cc 2x4/4x4 ATV 
  2. All rubberized tires allowed. Custom cut of tires is allowed, but no material may be added to treads. No tracks allowed. 
  3. Gasoline fuel only at any octane level. No alcohol, Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS) or any other additives allowed.   
  4. Up to 3” bracket lift or pipe lift. 
  5. Factory frame, OEM a-arms and a-arm locations, swing arms and swing arm locations, trailing arms and trailing arm locations (No Stretching). OEM rear differential and stock length axles. 
  6. Must use original factory engine mated to particular unit equipped with original jugs and heads. 
  7. Must use stock or aftermarket shocks allowing suspension to travel. 
  8. Engine modifications limited to jet kits, air filter, performance programmers, exhaust and big bore kits. Basic retail parts available to drivers may be used. 

· SXS/RUV     

  1. engine must be factory for then name brand of machine     
  2. no studded tires     
  3. power adders allowed     
  4. may not exceed 18"over stock in length or width 

·Women’s Class 

  1. 0-1000+cc 2x4/4x4 ATV 
  2. All rubberized tires allowed. Custom cut of tires is allowed, but no material may be added to treads. No tracks allowed. 
  3. Must use original factory frame and any ATV/RUV engine mated to particular unit. 
  4. Additional Engine modifications such as alcohol, Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS), superchargers, turbo systems and big bore kits are allowed. 
  5. ATV’s may not exceed 6’6” in width and 8’6” in length. 
  6. Production and custom suspension lifts, extended A-arms, extended swing arm, extended trailing arms and other modifications are allowed. 
  7. No hydraulic steering or hydraulic powered transmissions or drive train.